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Until this year I had never really though much to the world of waxing, I wrongly thought I couldn’t handle the pain once a month when I could just waste half an hour of every other day shaving instead. How wrong was I? The amazing team at Sugar Strip Ease sent me one of their hot wax sets along with some talc and soothing mist for afterwards.

Until now I had never actually used a hot wax product, a couple of times I’ve tried cold wax strips but they seemed to only take minimal amounts of hair off my legs and I was left having to still shave my legs afterwards (not impressed). So I had such high hopes for this in all honesty which maybe wasn’t the best idea considering. I followed the instructions exactly and unfortunately I had nothing but trouble using it, I started off by washing my legs with a mild soapy solution to start with, I towel dried them then put a small amount of the Sugar Strip Ease pure talc on to absorb any moisture or oil that was left behind afterwards.


I then heated up the wax in the microwave for around 40 seconds (the instructions recommend 60 seconds for a 650w model and mine is 700). I did a test patch on the inside of my wrist to check the temperature and it seemed to be fine, turns out my wrists are actually better at handling heat than my legs are because the moment I put some of the mixture on my leg I actually screamed out with pain for it was FAR too hot, it did cool down on my leg quickly so I decided to just carry on with that bit and applied the wax strip. After waiting for what seemed like hours the wax had cooled enough that it was actually usable I tried again, I ripped the was strip off against the grain of hair I noticed that a lot of the hair was still in place and in tact which isn’t so great! I found that once I used the strip once I couldn’t use it again as it just wouldn’t grab hold of any hairs, which made it pretty awkward.

I ended up just giving up after a while and went on to shave my legs instead, I decided to try out the soothing mist to shave with rather than putting in the effort to walk to the bathroom and get shaving foam! Just three sprays and I was able to shave my legs without irritation, they were amazingly soft too so at east something good came out of it.


Lastly, the talc, I used it to absorb all the moisture left over from the soothing mist which again helped with the smoothness. I did however only manage to use it once as my wonderful three year old managed to open the pot and decorated my living room in it, talc is literally the hardest thing to clean up when it’s everywhere!


  • Wax smells like golden syrup
  • Soothing mist is great for shaving quickly
  • Wax strips are longer than most and cover a larger area


  • Barely any hair is removed with the wax
  • Can be very messy
  • Overheats too quickly
  • Strips not washable as the instructions suggest

Maybe I’ll have more luck with another brand so if you have any suggestions then let me know in the comments below.

Hannah x

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