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Skincare is one of THE most important parts of your beauty regime, if you don’t look after your skin then you’ll never be able to achieve the perfect natural beauty look!

Working out where to start and what products to actually use that is the question, with Nudu I think I’ve found all the answers! They sent me a selection of their skincare products to review for you all and I have turned my back on some of my favourites to make room for these.

First up is the Nudu eye cream with anti-aging properties, I wasn’t quite sure I would actually benefit from using this but it turns out, at 24 my skin wasn’t as youthful as I had previously thought, my eye area feels firmer and smoother and under eye bags are virtually gone! It is pretty steep at $65 but it’s one that’s definitely worth a try.

Next, the Nudu reviving toner, which heals and softens the skin. I actually think this is the main reason that my skin has healed up so quickly, I was really struggling over the past few months with horrible spots which were scabbing and scarring, after a week of using this instead of my normal toner my skin is practically blemish free! I always feel like my face has been refreshed and renewed after each use and my skin is super soft and smooth! This is a more affordable price at just $18 which is totally worth it!

The softening moisturiser has overtaken most of my others because this genuinely reduces the amount of oil my skin produces, which can be a LOT some days! I’ve actually been using this in place of my Benefit PoreFessional Matte Rescue as it sets and holds my makeup in place all day while leaving my face looking matte perfect! This is another one which is a little steep at $54 but the multi use function would sway me each time!

The gel cleanser, which gently purifies, makes my skin feel super fresh each time I use it. It does very much remind me of the Nivea Gel Cleanser so if you like that you’re going to love this more! This is a little more pricey at $15 but totally worth it!

Overall, I love how amazing these products are and how they’ve changed my life! The white and gold packaging is also totally beautiful and definitely worth the investment for anyone struggling with their skincare routine. All products are completely natural and never tested on animals either!

Hannah x

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