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Anatomicals skin care has always been right up there in my favourite skin care brands, their products are such amazing quality and at such affordable prices too. I especially LOVE their super bright and bold packaging that just screams at you from the shelves compared to nearly every other brand that has standard ‘adult coloured’ packaging!

So first up is the Anatomicals face masks set (don’t mask your horribleness unmask your heavenliness) £4.30 which contains two sheet masks; Off with their (black and white) heads botanical purifying tea tree face mask and Pose. pose. pose for the close up pose, nothing beats rose botanical hydrating rose face mask.Both of these masks are actually amazing, the Off with their (black and white) heads reduced any spots I had brewing after the first time I used it and it actually helped stop breakouts too! The pose.pose.pose mask literally made my skin so soft and refreshed it was a little surreal in all honesty, I didn’t want to put makeup on for the next few days after using i because of how great my skin felt!

Next, my holy grail of under eye products, Puffy the eyebag slayer wake-up undereye patches £6. Just apply these just under your eyes and leave for 5-10 minutes and boom! Puffy eyes gone and my skin feels tighter and firmer, I noticed a difference after just one use, after around 3 uses I noticed my under eye circles weren’t as dark and I looked almost human again! Since then I’ve been using them every 2-3 days just to keep my eyes looking fresh and more awake!

Another one of my favourites, is this We never forget a face memorably good moisturiser with SPF 15 and co-enzyme Q10, £6. I’ve been using this a lot recently with the sun shining quite a lot (surprisingly) and I noticed quite an improvement in the condition of my skin, instead of feeling all dull and boring it feels energised and refreshed! The SPF 15 protects my face from harmful sun rays like sun cream would and the Co-Enzyme Q10 is similar to a vitamin and helps create energy in the body’s cells, it works as an antioxident for the skin and seems to be found in a lot of anti-ageing products too.

Lastly, the Out and out Britain’s best pout lip bam duo £5, this contains two squeezy tubes of balm; Never lose your cherry and Stop cracking up! I must admit I did chuckle a little when I read the names, the balms themselves are more like a gloss and last on your lips for ages without soaking in but still leave your lips feeling super soft and smooth. Never lose your cherry has a cherry flavour and scent to it (I’d have been more surprised if it hadn’t!) and contains SPF 8 to protect your lips from the sun rays which is a really important thing that so many people forget, if you’ve ever managed to get sun burn on your lips you’ll know what I mean! Stop cracking up has the most amazing scent to it, it’s kind of a coconutty smell but it reminds me more of the popcorn flavoured Tic Tacs and Jelly Beans which actually happen to be my favourite, score!

Anatomical products are available from a variety of different stockists including Superdrug, ASOS and Amazon, as you can see above, the products are all affordably priced and the quality will never let you down! I can’t wait to try out more of their products!

Hannah x

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