How-To and Review | Magnitone Barefaced ❤

I love that amazing feeling of my skin after a great facial or after treating my face to a pamper day, and I know I’m not alone when I say I’d love to recreate this feeling everyday with just a few minutes of my time! The Magnitone Barefaced vibra-sonic cleansing brush gives me just that!

First, make sure your face is makeup free by using the Magnitone Wipeout! Amazing micro-fibre cleansing cloth. These cloths are literally amazing, just add a little water and wipe everything away (including waterproof products) with ease. Then when you’re done, just throw them in the wash and Boom! You’re ready for tomorrow, these are honestly my holy grail for taking off makeup and there’s no need for any harsh chemicals.

Next, apply your favourite cleanser directly to the brush head. Using circular motions move around the face (I tend to work from bottom to top). Don’t press too hard against your face as you will probably irritate your skin but you will need a little firmness for the best results.

 Break your face down into sections and make sure you take your time as to not miss any areas. Around 2-3 minutes each day to cleanse your whole face is the perfect amount of time to ensure you got every little part. My skin felt a lot fresher and cleaner when taking my time rather than rushing through. Make sure to finish off you apply your favourite moisturiser or lotion and allow to sink in!

The Magnitone Barefaced is completely wireless (including the charger which just sits on the handle) meaning that it’s perfect for girls on the go or if your travelling! It even comes with a waterproof bag so you can carry it round in your own bag without any chance of it leaking everywhere (not that I’ve had that problem)!

My face now has that ‘fresh facial’ feeling everyday with barely any effort at all, a measly 2-3 minutes out of my day and no recurring costs, ovbiously a little treat every now and then is totally acceptable but who could resist such an amazing saving! Magnitone products are available from ; products shown- Wipeout £16, Barefaced £50.

Hannah x


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