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Swiss Clinic micro roller and rejuvinating serum work alongside one another to help stimulate new skin cells to grow, reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores and create a more youthful and hydrated look to your face.

The micro skin roller has 540 0.2mm micro needles made of surgical steel which work to open up hundreds of pin prick sized areas to allow your skin to absorb up to 300% more of your skincare products than you normally would, meaning your skin will start to feel better and more fresh than you could have ever imagined with skincare products alone!

So first off, make sure your face is clean and makeup free, the Swiss Clinic cleansing gel is just perfect for removing any dirt and impurities that may have been left behind by water alone. Containing chamomile water and aloe vera for the best results and as an added bonus, there’s no need to rinse afterwards!

Take the Micro needle skin roller and roll the head across all of the different areas of your skin, make sure you’re firm but not too heavy handed with it, so you get the benefits but don’t draw blood! Make sure you roller in all different directions, vertically, horizontally and diagonally to get the best results. It is a slightly uncomfortable feeling and my skin does seem to tay red for a little while after so it’s so much better if you use the roller just before bed so you don’t have to walk round all day with a patchy red face (yes, people will stare at you funny!). Make sure you wash and sterilise the roller after each use to prevent any bacteria or infections.

As soon as you’re done rolling your face apply the Rejuvinating serum to hydrate and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It also works to help with cell renewal and to give you that lovely youthful glow. It kind of reminds me of a pore filling primer which blurrs pores and creates a more flawless look.

After a weeks use I did actually notice a difference my forehead wrinkles and pores and my skin felt healthier, and cleaner of which you can clearly see in the before (top) and after (bottom)!

However, my mother-in-law also used one for the recommended 7 daysand didn’t notice a difference in fine lines or wrinkles. I did read a few other reviews on the products and it  became quite clear that the better reviews came from younger bloggers that were just starting to notice the signs of aging and the reviews that weren’t as positive were results from older generations so please do bear that in mind when purchasing!

The products are available from and prices are as follows:

-Microroller and serum set £84 (reduced from £99)

-Sanitising Spray £11

-Micellar Cleansing Gel £36

What do you use to try and keep your skin looking more youthful?

Hannah x

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