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Pixi are so generous with the amount of products they send me to try! I am soo immensly greatful for everything and I love trying out all of their new skincare and makeup as they come through!

So, first up is one of the Pixi skintreats, the glow mist with propolis and argan oil which work to hydrate, protect and moisturise. I’ve actually found this to be a holy grail product recently with the warmer weather recently my skin sometimes feels a little tight after being exposed to too much sun and this really eases that feeling and makes my skin feel renewed and refreshed.

Next, the Vitamin wakeup mist with orange blossom and citrus extract, as you can imagine, this really wakes up all of your senses with just a few spritz, the citrus scent alongside the refreshing feel just awakens your whole face in minutes. It honestly feels like a can of redbull in a spray bottle!

The next up is the hydrating milky mist with hyaluronic acid and black oat, these ingredients work together to preserve the skins youthfulness. I love how genuinely hydrating this mist is, I’ve been using this almost everyday this past month and I love it! My skin has been breaking out so much less since starting to use it too which is a total bonus!

Lastly, from the skintreats mists, is the makeup fixing mist with rose water and green tea, this formula is actually pretty great! I’m gutted that the spray pump broke after only a few uses so it doesn’t spray evenly anymore but none of my makeup actually budges when I wear this so it’s pretty perfect. Most setting sprays I’ve used have a weird scent but this smells absolutely divine because of the rose water.

I was also sent some of the ‘Glow’ range to try out which included the Glow Tonic to-go exfoliating toner pads. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with these right now, even after taking off my makeup I used these and still managed to get more dirt out! My face always looks fresh and glowing after using these. Do make sure that you’re careful with how close you get them to your eyes though, I was a little careless and it made my eyes run and sting so bad, almost as bad as shampoo in your eyes!

Next up is he Glow Tonic exfoliating toner with 5% Glycolic acid, aloe vera and ginseng, this is very much the same as the product on the pads only as a liquid form instead! Again this is such a great toner and gives such smooth, toned and refreshed skin almost instantly.

Another one from the glow range is the glow mud cleanser again with 5% Glycolic acid and aloe vera, apply to your ski morning and night then rinse off for the clearest complexion you can imagine, I’ve been using this one a lot too recently and my skin has never been in such good condition.

Lastly, the Pixi Peel and Polish; this is basically an enzyme peel for your skin designed to resurface your face and create the most natural flawless finish! ‘Natural fruit enzymes loosen dead skin cells, Lactic Acid gently exfoliates, Cellulose peels and sugar extracts polishes (the skin) lifting away dullness revealing brighter skin’. I can guarantee that this does exactly what it says on the metaphorical tin. My skin looks and feels a few years younger now after just a few uses. I will be following up with a before and after review on this one so you can see just how great it looks!

As always Pixi products are available from Pixibeauty.co.uk. Which of Pixis’ new products are your favourite?

Hannah x

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