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Sebamed are the only company (that I’m aware of) that pride themselves in creating each of their products with the perfect P.H balance, providing the best skin and hair care products for all skin types! I have previously tried their 4 step spot treatment range and they were fantastic so of course my expectations were pretty high already!

First up is the Sebamed everyday shampoo for normal to dry hair. I was so excited to try this, I always find my hair being really dry and normal shampoos can actually make it worse so I was over the moon when I realised it actually did make my hair feel less dry and it definitely feels cleaner and fresher for longer than normal. The shampoo itself was pretty difficult to work with and didn’t lather up as well as I was hoping for it to. Meaning I had to use around twice the amount as normal!

Next I tried the Sebamed balsam roll on deodorant. Now I’m such a picky person when it comes to deodorants but I actually really like this one, again it really leaves you with a real clean and fresh feeling that lasts all day. It leaves you smell and sweat free through all daily activities, you’ll probably need a little more if you work out or do any high impact exercise.

Lastly, the Sebamed lip defense with SPF30. I am a lip balm addict, I must apply it 10-20 times a day when I’m not wearing lipstick! I love the added SPF in balms, they protect your lips from harmful rays while still leaving your lips soft and smooth. I’ve been using this daily since it turned it and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement to the texture of my lips.

Overall, I still love Sebamed and I’m definitely going to buy and try more of their products. They’re so kind to my skin and don’t leave any irritation on any areas that are sometimes sensitive to new products.

Sebamed products are available from and are all very affordably priced.

Hannah x

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