Swatch and Review | LA Girl Metal Liquid lipstick

I’ve always been an LA Girl fan, their product range isn’t fully available in the UK unfortunately which sucks, but most of the products we do get are amazing quality at affordable prices! Like these new metal liquid lipsticks which are just stunning!

First off, the packaging is a matte black tube with a coloured matte lid that’s very similar to the shade in the tube. They all have the same metallic gold writing which really stands out against the background. The colours here are Flashy (top), Golden (middle) and Prism (bottom). The applicator wand is a pretty standard shape in all honesty, sometimes the more simple the better when it comes to liquid lipsticks!

Flashy is the perfect warm toned purple shade with a metallic sheen, Golden is a seriously shimmery gold shade and Prism is a cooler toned deep burgundy shade again with a metallic sheen. As you can see by the swatches, all three colours are highly pigmented, super shimmery and just plain gorgeous!

The lipsticks dry pretty quickly but don’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest. My lips actually feel really smooth and soft with this on, which pretty amazing and not common when it comes to the more affordable liquid lipstick brands.

These can literally last hours on end without smudging or moving at all and look amazing on! I can eat and drink pretty freely and not have to worry about re-applying my lipstick over and over again throughout the day.

The LA. Girl metal liquid lipsticks are available from LA. Girl (if you’re in the USA) for just $7 or LA. Girl Cosmetics (if you’re in the UK) for only £5.99!

Which is your favourite shade?

Hannah x


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