Collection Launch & First Impressions | Illamasqua Aftermath

The new Illamasqua range, After Math was actually launched last month but I didn’t get a chance to try out the new products until more recently which sucks. But of course, when I did get the chance to use them I was so NOT disappointed, I always LOVE new Illamasqua collections but I honestly think this one could easily be my favourite!

First up are the ‘Broken’ liquid eyeshadow in the shades Broken Gold and Broken Silver, £19 each. These are a gel based formula with absolutely loads of glitter flecks. They’re recommended to use in the inner corners of your eyes or over shadows for a more intense look! Not only do they feel great when applied but they look amazing too! I’ve actually used them as a lip gloss too for that little extra, just WOW! These are totally perfect for the party season that’s creeping up on us. The gold does seem to have more glitter in it but they may just need a bit of a mix up first!


Next up are the stunning powder eyeshadows £17 each in Enchantment, Superstitious and Hoard. I always seem to forget how amazing Illamasqua eyeshadows are, especially the shimmery ones, but each time it makes me fall in love all over again which is an amazing feeling! The pigmentation almost comes across as a solid colour as you can see in the swatches. They are super buttery and blend like an absolute dream, you don’t even really need a primer on to keep them in place all day and stop them from creasing. You will definitely need an oil based makeup remover to take it off though, they do seem to hold on to your lids with all their might!


Lastly, are the absolutely gorgeous Lava Lips lipsticks £20 each in the shades Tectonic, Emantle and Rebirth. I am soo in love with the concept of these, especially as sometimes when you use them you get a slightly different look because of the marble effect running through them which is quite refreshing, although this may not appeal so much to other people. Tectonic is a gorgeous berry red shade with a white marble running through it, Emantle is a warm toned light brown shade (almost like a tan colour) again with a white marble streak which is perfect for Autumn, and lastly, Rebirth, which is the brightest red shade with a black streak that would make the perfect vampy lip for Halloween!


Overall, of course, another amazing collection from on of the most amazing makeup brands in existence and I wouldn’t expect any less from them! The products shown are available from for a limited time if you by any two products you will receive either a FREE Broken Gold eyeshadow TREAT or a surprise TRICK!!

Hannah x

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