Mother’s Day | Last minute gift ideas ❤

Anyone else spend literally months trying to plan what to buy their mums for Mothers’ day then as it gets closer all of your ideas feel terrible and you start thinking about whether she’s actually going to wear or use what you actually bought? This is me, every bloody year!

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Jeepers Peepers glasses collection ❤

I know I know, it’s not Summer anymore so why oh why would I write about sunglasses now? Well, for a start the sun has been shining here all week so of course I’ve been rocking a different pair of sunglasses each day along with my nice and cosy hat scarf and gloves! So what if you get a few funny looks? I mean, I’m protecting my face from anymore squinty frown lines!

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Before and After | Dr Paw Paw ❤

Almost anyone who is anyone in the beauty industry has heard of Dr Paw Paw lip balms and the amazing reviews behind them. I thought I’d do a before and after review which is the perfect way to show you just how much you need these in your life especially since it’s spring and your lips need looking after after the cold winter.

I first tried Dr paw paw around 2 years ago when I was sent some by a lovely Australian girl in a makeup swap. At the time I didn’t realise it was available in the UK so when my darling son bit through the tube, I was heartbroken and ended up making do with other products until I finally had a look online and found so many stockists, I was saved!


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ByAlegory Makeup Storage ❤

Everyone needs some sort of organisation to their makeup collection otherwise finding anything would be one big catastrophe, whether it’s in drawers or a dressing table you need something.. I personally have a dressing table with 4 drawers and the ikea Alex 9 drawer set that I was using little boxes in to seperate off different products. But if you remember reading my Amazon wishlist post a few months ago I included an acrylic makeup organiser for compacts/blushers. Perfect idea and was much needed for my face drawer because of the mess it kept getting in!

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Review | Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses ❤

I’ve always worn oversized sunglasses so making the decision to try out some different styles and colours was a big deal for me, after a lot of trawling the internet I finally had a browse on ASOS and came across Hindsight Vintage Sunglasses and instantly knew I’d found ‘the ones!’

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