Tried and Tested | Eylure Lashes ❤

I remember he first time I tried to use false eyelashes, I picked up the cheapest pair I could find and went home to try them out. I must have been around 13 ish and thought I knew it all so when I got back and tried to apply the lashes, things just went from bad to worse. I threw a strop and they went in the bin! Until around a year or so ago I hadn’t even attempted to buy anymore because I didn’t want to keep wasting money and screwing them up. I was then bought some Eylure ones in a Beauty Box Swap and decided to give them a go, they went on super easy and stayed there all day without irritation. Since then I’ve loved false eyelashes, obviously not for a day to day use, but if I’m going out I’ll happily wear a set!

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