Tried and Tested | Pimps & Pinups ❤

Pimps and Pinups is one of those brands where they have you hooked after the first use, and no matter what you do or how hard you try you just can’t seem to tear yourself away from them! Like cake, you try and stop eating it to lose a little weight but you always end up going back for a cheeky slice!

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Before and After | Colour Freedom ❤

**EDIT: Please ber VERY careful with these, I experienced a LOT of staining with these products!!**

I love hair dye and even more so I love vibrant hair dyes that don’t ruin my hair. That was exactly what I was hoping to find when using Colour Freedom for the first time. They’re a semi-permenant hair dye sold exclusively at Superdrug and range from the gorgeous silver Greys through to the brightest of pink!

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Before and After | DGJ Organics hair colour remover ❤

As long as I can remember I’ve been dying my own hair, sometimes really well, others, well let’s just be thankfull for online shopping ?

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