Unboxing | Paul and Joe 15th Anniversary collection

I was kindly sent the Paul and Joe 15th Anniversary limited edition collection a little while back now and I LOVE it! If you love anything cat related then this is going to blow your mind!

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Glossybox Unboxing | March 2017 ❤

This month I’ve decided to finally take the plunge and film my very first Glossybox Unboxing video for YouTube (it’s not the greatest of quality and I’m not the best video editor but we’ve all got to start somewhere right?). Anyway, I’ll link it further down so if you’d like to see it you can!

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Unboxing | February Glossybox ❤

Unfortunately this months Glossybox arrived later than expected (thank you Royal Mail) so I apologise for the delay in unboxing. As February is the ‘month of love’ they took that into account at Glossybox HQ when picking out all the best things and designing the limited edition ‘L.O.V.E’ box!

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Unboxing | Betty Box February ❤

Formerly know as TeenParcel, Betty Box offers you the essentials to get through your period! Your first box is just £6.99 (then £10.50 per month after) and available for delivery on the 10th, 20th or 28th of each month so you know it will always be there on time!

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January ’17 Glossybox ❤

This months Glossybox features comedian Bella Youngers ‘Deliciously Stella’ book, her instagram account @deliciouslystella is basically a parody of the healthy eating craze that seems to be the sweeping over the world of social media right now. Her nutritional posts include chocolates shaped like seashells, alcohol for breakfast and ‘energy balls’ with hashtags #GetClean and #GetTheGlow. What a legend!

Inside Glossybox this month are a ton of yummy food inspired beauty products that I’m super excited for! First is the Manuka Honey hydrating and moisturising sheet mask, priced at £3.99. The brand is Korean so you know just by looking at it that it’s going to be amazing! I actually used mine last night and instantly my skin looked renewed and refreshed and felt super soft and smooth!

Travel sized Nip+Fab soften kale fix moisturiser, ful sized price is £19.95. This moisturiser is a mix of Kale, Watercress and Almond oil, and is said to reduce the effects of ‘external aggressors’ on the skin, this can be anything from pollution to the effects that stress can have on the skin. A much needed product for anyone who’s been stressed over the Christmas period, and as a bonus, it smells immensely fresh and almost edible.

Full sized Unani illuminate milk cleanser rrp £14, this product contains natural oils to remove makeup, impurities and dirt from your face while leaving it feeling moisturised and smooth. Another gorgeous smelling product, such a sweet and fruity fragrance to this product.

Full sized True organic of Sweden multi use product, containing all natural and organic ingredients this product just doesn’t stop! From healing chapped lips, soothing dry flaky skin and giving life back to the dry ends of your hair. I can tell from just one use that this product is quickly going to become a new favourite of mine!

Lastly, a full sized The Balm meet Matt(e) Trimony single eyeshadow. This is such a gorgeous deep burgundy with a subtle silver glitter, it’s highly pigmented and the formula is so soft and buttery that just makes you want to buy more from The Balm!

A great start to 2017 for Glossybox! January’s has a lovey selection of skincare products that will definitely be put to their full usage! And it doesn’t look like the party’s going to stop next month either with a collector’s edition Valentines’ themed box out next month you know things are just going to get better! As always Glossybox is available from www.glossybox.co.uk for £10+p&p

Hannah x

Unboxing | December Glossybox ❤

It’s that time again! I love, love, love when my Glossybox turns up, I can never wait to open it. This is also the last Glossybox of 2016 so here’s hoping it’s an amazing one! 

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Unboxing | November Glossybox ❤

It’s literally been ages since my last Glossybox for some reason, I don’t quite know what happened there but I shall be finding out! 

Anyway, the November Glossybox is based on getting ready and pampered for Christmas so of course, I was pretty excited to see what sort of products they came up with for this one.

1.  3 pack of Wilkinson Sword for women Raspberry rain scented razors. What a way to get you in the party mood than to have the softest, smoothest legs possible!


2. 111 Skin Gold brightening facial treatment mask. Face masks seem to be overly common in Glossybox but this one just feels fabulous, this is perfect for not only the pre-party getting ready but also for the morning after for when you’re just a little hungover!


3. Nanogen hair thickening spray. I don’t have a problem at all with worrying about the thickness of my hair but it’s had a load of great reviews so I’m sure for those of you with thinner hair issues it’d be a perfect product and you’ll be rocking a fuller, thicker ‘do.


4. De Bruyere pearly jumbo eyeshadow pencil. I couldn’t actually see a colour name on this so we’ll just call it coppery grey. It’s such a beautiful shade and it has some great pigmentation so it’s worth a try, I’m not normally one for creamy based eyeshadows but I really do quite like this one!


5. Ruby eyeshadow blending brush. I love these shape brushes, I just seem to click with the way they apply and blend eyeshadow so well so I’m really liking this one, and the bristles are super soft which always helps!


6. One Raffaelo. These are primarily Almond and Coconut so I passed on eating this one but surely a few more (or a bag full) casually dropped in there wouldn’t of hurt? *Wink wink*


Overall, it’s a great selection of products which will give you that ‘I’m ready for the party season’ feeling and I can’t wai to see what comes out in the December box!

The November ‘Prep and Prime’ Glossybox is available for £10+p&p from www.glossybox.co.uk Also this month, if you sign up using the code ‘NOVGIFTUK’ then you can get three bonus products for free! *Valid until the 23rd November 2016.

Hannah x