Classic Christmas Red nails ❤

Red nails are an essential part of the Christmas ritual so I’ve rounded up my favourite classic red nail polishes for the occasion.

1. Nails Inc Gel Effect – West End

2. Essence the Gel – Juicy Love

3. Autograph Gel effect – Soft Red

4. Stargazer – Red

5. Rimmel – Double Decker Red

6. O.P.I – Big Apple Red

7. China Glaze – High Roller

What’s your favourite Christmas Red polish?

Hannah x

First impressions | Lavera ❤

Hey all!

Up until a few weeks ago I’d actually never heard of Lavera, I didn’t even know it existed until a wonderful lady contacted me via Instagram asking if I’d be so kind as to try out a few products! Obviously I said yes (you all should know by now how much I love trying out new brands!)

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