December makeup haul

Seeing as I finished all my Christmas shopping in record timing (for me) and managed to wrap everything already I decided to treat myself to some new makeup bits that I’ve wanted to try for a while but never got round to buying! So after a cheeky BeautyBay, Beautylish and Superdrug order I became one very happy girlie (especially as all the parcels turned up the same day!)

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Haul | Colourpop Cosmetics

So I actually placed this order in April when there was a 20% off sale I think it was but the first package got lost in the post somehow and so I was kindly sent a replacement which arrived a few days ago and I’m soo excited!

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Valentine’s Day Haul ❤

So this Valentine’s day I was totally spoilt again! We went out shopping in Peterborough for the day so not only was I treated but I got to treat myself to some clothes that actually fit me too! 

First of all, this adorable ‘love’ ring, I had been eyeing this up since just after Christmas and now it’s all mine! Pandora do a very similar one but it has a load of stones in it which is just too much bling for me, this is just perfect!

We hit TK Maxx during the day too and I ended up with the Too Faced #TFNOFILTER selfie powders palette which I had been really curious about since I had first heard about it, I haven’t actually tried it out yet but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Also, in TK Maxx was this Cargo Cosmetics around the world eye shadow palette, every time I go into TK Maxx they have Cargo eye shadow palettes but 9/10 they have finger prints all in them or broken shadows and I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I wouldn’t buy them. The shadows themselves are super buttery and you can’t beat a nude palette!

I managed to save up enough MAC empties for another back 2 MAC lipstick so I finally got to visit the Peterborough MAC store (I think I’d rather shop online from now on!) I ended up choosing HoneyLove this time around, which is surprisingly similar to my favourite Velvet Teddy only lighter!

Lastly, and most importantly, after a ridiculous amount of effort messaging BeautyBay and MyHermes, I finally got my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette which I am completely IN LOVE WITH! Honestly, it has to be the most gorgeous palette EVER! Review and swatches will follow.

How did you spend Valentine’s day? 

Hannah x

Haul | Makeup Revolution ❤

Wooo! It’s been such a long time since I did a reasonable sized haul I think the last one was my huge Christmas haul, it’s not that I haven’t bought anything, I’ve just bought little bits at a time so I’d have to save them all up and do it all in one go and that’s practically impossible for me ?

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