Tried and Tested | Nudu Skincare ❤

Skincare is one of THE most important parts of your beauty regime, if you don’t look after your skin then you’ll never be able to achieve the perfect natural beauty look!

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tried and tested | thalgo collagen eye roll on ❤

Thalgo has been given the title of World Leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics, since 1964 when

they were founded they have won numerous awards and built up an amazing reputation for their

high quality products!

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Results | Sugar Strip Ease Waxing ❤

Until this year I had never really though much to the world of waxing, I wrongly thought I couldn’t handle the pain once a month when I could just waste half an hour of every other day shaving instead. How wrong was I? The amazing team at Sugar Strip Ease sent me one of their hot wax sets along with some talc and soothing mist for afterwards.

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