Collection Launch & First Impressions | Illamasqua Aftermath

The new Illamasqua range, After Math was actually launched last month but I didn’t get a chance to try out the new products until more recently which sucks. But of course, when I did get the chance to use them I was so NOT disappointed, I always LOVE new Illamasqua collections but I honestly think this one could easily be my favourite!

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Swatched | Makeup Atelier 5 shadow palette ❤

Makeup Atelier was a new brand to me until they kindly sent me a huge selection of products to try out but I was totally overwhelmed by just how amazing their products turned out to be, some of my favourite products are these stunning 5 shade eyeshadow palettes.

The glossy black packaging and clear window on the lid looks quite plain but is really effective and looks more sophisticated than other brands. I also love the way the whole lid bends completely backwards and makes a sort of stand so that the shadows are angled towards you as you’re trying to create a look, you don’t get this too often with palettes nowadays so it’s always a bonus when you do.

The palettes here are Brun Mauve and Wood Pink, Brun Mauve has 4 shimmery shades and one matte shade with a hint of glitter which is totally weird, it’s not something that you’d expect to find in a shimmery palette. I am literally in love with these colours, the left is a gorgeous pale pink which makes the perfect highlighting shade, next is a mauve shade which I use as a transition colour going up to my brow bone, the middle is a gorgeous rose colour with a pink shimmer running through which is perfect for the eye lid, next is a burgundy jewel shade which I use for defining my crease and then lastly is a warm brown with a small hint of silver glitter which I use in the crease also and along the lower lash line.

Next up is the Wood Pink palette which contains all matte shades, this is definitely my favourite out of the two, I’ve been really into a matte eye again recently so this is just perfect. First off is a cream shade which is perfect for highlighting the brow bone, next is a strong pink which I tend to use all over my eye lid, the middle shade is a peachy pink shade which is great (when blended well) as a transition colour, next is a burgundy colour which makes defining my eye crease such a fun task and lastly is a warm dark brown which I love putting in the outer corner of my lid and along my lower lash line.

As you can see by the swatches these are gorgeously pigmented, each swatch was just one swipe through the eye shadow and one onto my arm so you can tell just how amazing they are, they’re soft and creamy and blend like a dream. I literally couldn’t be without these palettes now, they’re also the most perfect size for carrying around in your bag and using for a quick touch up throughout the day.

The palettes are available for £25 each from Makeup Atelier, there are 24 different varieties of colours available so of course, if these shades aren’t your cup of tea then there just has to be a combination that is! Have you tried Makeup Atelier yet?

Hannah x


Swatch and Review | Ellis Faas cosmetics ❤

I literally couldn’t wait to receive my package from Ellis Faas with goodies to review for you all.. I found these on instagram a month or so ago and fell in LOVE with their unique silver bullet packaging which, in my opinion, puts a number of high end brands packaging to shame!

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Holiday haul 2015 swatches ❤

I am honestly so useless right now, I’m too busy stressing over other things that my blogs hit the back seat 🙁 Well not anymore! I’m spending the whole day blogging and setting up scheduled posts so there are no more mishaps! Here are the swatches I promised to go with my Holiday haul from a few weeks ago.

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Haul | Freedom pro makeup ❤

Hey everyone ? I’m soo excited for this post as I’ve been waiting a whole week for the parcel to arrive and I’m crazy impatient. Then wordpress gave up on me and I couldn’t add more than 3 photos in one post so I just held out until they rolled out a new update.

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First Impressions | MAC is beauty- call the hairdresser ❤

I’ve been desperately trying to post loads recently but unfortunately the wordpress app isn’t letting me post loads of photos in one post which sucks as I have a big Freedom pro haul amongst other things I want to share with you all!

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